Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam cricket career in danger?

babar azam cricket career

Is Babar Azam cricket career in danger? Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam was previously accused by a woman of sexual harassment. Back then people didn’t take it seriously and assumed that it is all done to defame the Pakistani captain.

Babar didn’t play a single match during New Zealand Tour and now has returned to Pakistan amid PSL 2021 draft which is to held on 10th January 2021.

Right after the landing of Babar Azam in Pakistan, he is accused again by the same woman but this time the allegations are serious and the woman has also shown a lot of proves.

It seems to be all planned that just after the arrival of Babar in the country the accuser did another press-conference.

Pakistan Super League 2021 draft is just around the corner and Babar Azam cricket career seems to be in huge danger.

The accuser has this time shown her pics with Babar and has also shown the audio recordings as well as the chats.

This time around the news is looking very legitimate and if this news proved to be true then Babar Azam cricket career is over.

This is very shocking news for the Pakistan cricket team as well as for fans because Babar is Pakistan’s all-format captain and is one of the best batsmen in the world.

It seems like the voice in the chats given by the woman is of Babar Azam’s. He has spoken nothing in this matter yet but ultimately he has to explain his side of the story.

Now Babar has to appear in front of a session court in Lahore where all this matter will be decided. Pakistani fans are in shocked as the upcoming superstar of the world is in danger.

All of them want cricketer Babar Azam to play and serve Pakistan for a long but if this news proved to be true then we are not sure if we will see Babar playing again.

We all hope that Babar Azam cricket career remains safe and he continues to play and make records for Pakistan.

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