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Who Is The Best Fielder In The World Right Now ?

best fielder in the world

All of us know that the standard of fielding was set by Jonty Rhodes. And he is surely without a single double best fielder. In this Article we will discuss the best fielder in the world available right now.

There are plenty of fielders that are good but some of them are just extra-ordinary and they can even catch a flying bird. Few of that kind of fielders we are going to discuss here.

Previously we have also discussed about top 10 batsmen and top 10 bowlers in the world righ now.

1. Ravindra Jadeja

After the arrival of Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh, it has completely changed the coarse of Indian fielding. Both were considered as one of the best fielder in the world at that time.

Since than quite a few fielders came into Indian team who were fantastic in taking superb and toughest catches.

But right now no one can touch the calibre of Ravindra Jadeja in fielding. No matter if he is fielding in the circle or outside the circle he is fantastic everywhere.

Jadeja with his strong arm can throw the ball from deep in rocket speed and surely no batsman wants to take a chance on that. He even makes the toughest catch look easy.

2. Ab De Villiers

No matter what if he is keeping behind the wicket or fielding at the deep. He is simply amazing. South Africa is very lucky to produce such quality fielders in the past and still producing now.

De Villiers is just continuing the legacy of Jonty Rhodes. There is no such thing that ABD can’t do, he is a complete package. He has many a times stunned the world with him fabulous catches at the boundary.

ABD is that kind of a fielder from which you can expect that he can also catch a flying bird. He makes the toughest catches look so easy and that the attribute a great fielder possesses. That’s what makes him one of the best fielder in the world.

3. Glenn Maxwell

One of the main reason for Australia to be the best team in the world is because of their world class fielding. Australia is a blessed team to have so many world class fielders like, David Warner, Steve Smith and Glenn Maxwell.

But Maxwell is the best from the lot. He is a specialist at fielding a boudary. We all have seen him take stunner at the boundary rope and also we have seen him flick the ball in the rope to prevent a six.

He is also a master of taking running catching running from the deep and take a superb catch to send the batsmen off.

4. Shadab Khan

Pakistan has been guilty for poor fielding many a times in the past and in the result it cost them the match. They have lost a lot of major matches just because of their fielding.

In the past Shoaib Malik was the best fielder Pakistan has in the followed by Ahmed Shahzad. Malik is agging and Shahzad is out of the team.

In the current setup they have a new fielder who is agile and is considered to be the best in the current Pakistani lot. Shadab Khan has taking some serious catches in the deep.

Also he is excellent at fielding at point. He is one of the fittest cricketers playing the game right now. Shadab is not afraid of diving and we have also seem him diving and taking some excellent catches and considered to be one of the best fielder in the world.

5. Trent Boult

It is very un-common for a fast bowler to be great fielder. But here Boult is an exception. He might be the best fielder in the world who has excellent reflexes.

Trent Boult is that kind of a fielder on whome you can trust to take stunning catches in every position in the ground. Newzealand team is highly known for his excellent fielders and Boult is one the top.

We have seen him taking catches at the boundary rope and also flicking the ball inside the boundary.

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