Why does Pakistan lose to India in the world cup?

Cricket Pakistan Vs India has been considered as the biggest rivalry in sports. India Vs Pakistan total matches 199 between them,59 Tests,132 ODIs, and 8 T20I. Pakistan has won 12 Tests,73 ODIs and 1 T20I while India has only won 9 Tests,55 ODIs and 6 T20I. India Vs Pakistan worldcup history is dominated by India.

But in recent times India has outplayed Pakistan in almost every match they have played. Since the Champions Trophy 2017 win, Pakistan and India have played 3 matches and all of them are won by the Indian team with a huge margin.

Pakistani people get very furious especially when the team loses against India because of the political problems between both nations.

Losing against India doesn’t mean that players like Mohammad Amir, Hasan Ali, Shadab Khan, and Imam-ul-Haq aren’t talented and don’t have the potential.

All of us completely blame the players, the reason for the loss somehow players are responsible but lack of international cricket in Pakistan is the main culprit for bad performances with India and other strong teams.

To beat the best team in the business you have to play with them often but Pakistan plays with India only in the ICC events.

Cricket Pakistan Vs India WorldCup history is purely dominated by India and India has won all the 7 times because India team can handle the pressure of jam-packed stadiums and they play against a strong team very often unlike Pakistan

Pakistan team mostly plays with the weaker team regularly which is very easy to beat for them and have developed a habit of playing against a weaker team so when a strong team comes they face hard challenges to beat them.

Another reason is that Pakistan hasn’t played international cricket in their own homeland since 2009 and has been playing on the flat tracks of UAE. The pitches in UAE are very flat and batting friendly, this kind of pitches doesn’t challenge the ability of the player.

Now a days India vs Pakistan total matches are played in neutral venues which not so good.

Playing in English condition or in Australia is very hard for Asian teams especially Pakistan because Pakistan doesn’t tour these country often and face hardships when they play there.

Cricket Pakistan Vs India mostly happens in England or Australia and the stadiums in Indo-Pak matches are jam-packed which creates extra pressure on the players and unfortunately, Pakistani players are not used to this because they have played mostly cricket in empty stadiums of UAE.

Cricket Pakistan Vs India is the most watched sports match around the world and with time due to lack of performance for Pakistan team it has lost his hype because its predicted to be a one sided game from the start.

Recently PSL and Test cricket returned to Pakistan and hopefully in a span of few years when international cricket will be played in Pakistan in full swing in full stadiums than definitely Pakistan cricket will improve and will surely beat India.

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