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latest pakistan cricket news, current pcb chairman

There are a lot of rumors that are circulated around Pakistan cricket and PSL. These latest pakistan cricket news are still rumours but the major news is that current PCB chairman Ehsan Mani has resigned from his post.

Cricketing experts and fans all around the world are making fun of Pakistan Super League. Mainly because the postponemnt of PSL twice suddenly.

Initially, the remaining matches were set to take place in Karachi. But because of the pandemic, it has been shifted to UAE.

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Most important lastest Pakistan cricket news is about PSL and current pcb chairman Ehsan Mani resignation.

Firstly the Emirates cricket board didn’t agree to host PSL in UAE but than suddenly they allowed the PCB to host the remaining matches.

And now when all the players are heading towards UAE, their government didn’t allow them to land due to certain reasons. Than after some calls for higher officials, they were allowed to land.

UAE is making fun of Pakistan Super League and somehow PCB is responsible for this due to their bad handling of things. PCB should have handled it professionally as it is the biggest sporting league in the country and 2nd best overall.

The latest Pakistan cricket news is that Pakistan’s former captain Rashid Latif said on his social media account that current PCB chairman Ehsan Mani has sent his resignation to PM Imran Khan.

Rashid Latif has given some authentic news before as well and it is also seeming that this news might be news.

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