Most Test Runs For Pakistan: Which Batsmen?

Most Test Runs For Pakistan: Which Batsmen?

There are only 8 Pakistani batsmen who have scored more than 5000 runs in their Test career. And only one batsman who has scored 10000 in Test cricket for Pakistan. Younis Khan is the batsman who has the Most Test runs for Pakistan.

He is the only batsmen for Pakistan to score 10000 runs. It’s a very proud moment for Younis to became the first Pakistani batsman. It was always his dream to score 10000 runs and become the first Pakistani batsmen to do so. He achieved this milestone in a Test match against West Indies in 2017.

When it comes to Test cricket, Younis Khan is remembered as one of the best in the world and the best Pakistan batsman. He has achieved a lot in his 17-year career.

Younis had been Pakistan’s leading runs scorer since he passed Miandad’s total of 8832 runs in 2015. Miandad came second on this list of most test runs for Pakistan.

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He achieved 10000 runs in his 208th innings with an average of just a shade over 53. He is the 6th fastest among the 13 batsmen to achieve this milestone.

Even though Younis has been one of the most under-rated Test cricketers of this decade. Recently ICC announced the team of the decade, Younis should have been picked in the test team on the basis of his staggering performances. But unfortunately was neglected by the ICC.

Getting most test runs for Pakistan is a major achieving and surely this will the most remarkable performance for Younis in his entire career.

He is definitely without a doubt the best batsman Pakistan has ever produced in Test history. In his 118 matches career, he has scored 33 50’s and 34 100’s, which is a clear indication that this man knows how to covert small starts into big scores.

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