Muhammad Amir Quits International Cricket

Muhammad Amir takes retirement from international cricket only at the young of 28. A career has ended and a potential superstar has now lost his way.

M Amir was surely the luckiest cricket that he was given the second chance to play for Pakistan after spot-fixing. He has faced a lot of difficulty and torture during his ban period for 5 years.

To be very honest it is nearly impossible for a player to make a comeback after damaging his country’s pride. Fans of Muhammad Amir backed him throughout his ban and always wanted him back in the team.

His fans have supported him in every tough time and surely they are the reason Muhammad Amir was able to play for Pakistan again.

Fans convinced the whole international farternity that M Amir has gone through his sentence period. He has to make a comeback other-wise a huge talent of cricket will be gone forever.

PCB and fans throughout supported him and finally he makes a comeback in 2016.

But after the comeback, firepower which was expected from Muhammad Amir wasn’t produced. He although has won Pakistan some huge matches but the fiery performance was always missing.

But fans still supported him, after some poor performances from him he was dropped from the national team.

After getting dropped from the Pakistan Tour of New Zealand 2020. He decides to quit playing for Pakistan.

In his interview, he said that after being dropped from the New Zealand tour, it was a wake call for me by the team management.

My workload wasn’t managed better and team management keeps toturing me. And I think I can’t play cricket with the current team management.

Muhammad Amir points out Waqar Younis tourted me and keeps saying that he has ditched Pakistan by quiting test cricket.

Amir’s decision of taking retirement was a childish one. He has done the same mistake again by quiting international cricket.

Amir is a world-class bowler and a bowler of his caliber doesn’t make childish decisions and takes retirement after getting dropped from the team.

He should have gone back to domestic cricket and perform there and make a comeback in the team again.

After Amir’s retirement, PCB CEO Wasim Khan contacted him and asked him if he really wants to retire?

After that PCB has given the statement that we will no longer consider Muhammad Amir for International cricket again.

Muhammad Amir failed to deliver for Pakistan and his Fans who supported him throughout his ban. He hugely owes to Pakistan cricket and the Pakistani people.

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