National Stadium Karachi Enclosures and Prices

National Stadium Karachi Enclosures

National Stadium was established on 21st April 1955 and it is the biggest cricket venue in Pakistan. National Stadium Karachi enclosures vary from General to VIP category.

This stadium has hosted both domestic and international competitions. It has hosted a total of five matches on the WorldCup stage. Two matches in 1987 and 3 matches in 1996 WorldCup.

National Stadium Karachi enclosures comprise 3 general, 6 first-class, 3 premium, and 2 VIP stands. And also the prices of the stands vary from low to high according to the enclosure.

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The ticket price in the general enclosure is only 500 PKR, while the first-class is 1000 PKR. Premium and VIP stands are the most expensive which are 2000 and 3000 PKR respectively. Also, the prices increase according to the level of the match, and if there are two matches in a day then the price will be more.

National Stadium Karachi enclosures were recently renovated and were given a new look before the return of PSL back in Pakistan. New seats were installed and the roof was installed to give the stadium a new look to welcome cricket back home.

Speaking of the Stadium, it is the biggest cricketing venue in Pakistan. Which can hold a capacity of more than 34000 at a single time.

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