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pakistan cricket latest news , INDO PAK

A lot of things are happening in Pakistan cricket nowadays. Pakistan cricket latest news is the talk of the town for a while now just because of 1 big news of Indo Pak series.

To be very honest after hearing the rumors about Indo Pak it was hard to believe that kind of news but the series is in the pipeline.

Pakistan Cricket Board and the BCCI haven’t talked about it and denying the news. But there is something happening at the end government’s end.

The tension between India and Pakistan is reducing as they have both agreed on a ceasefire at LOC and also both country’s Prime Ministers are in talks recently.

Anything can happen in cricket and we are hopeful that the Indo Pak series will take place somewhere in October 2021.

India jouranlist GS Vivek is very keen that India V Pak T20 series will be held this year.

Another Pakistan cricket latest news, surrey county is making arrangements to host PSL Champion and IPL Champion to play at Lord later this year.

This is very delighting news for the fans of both PSL and IPL. They are eagerly waiting to watch the PSL and IPL champions play against each other.

IPL and PSL are the two top cricket leagues in the world right now. Their champions playing each other will bring huge fans and viewership attraction. This will be beneficial for both sides.

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