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Pakistan England 1st Test: Why Pakistan lose?

Pakistan had a chance to score a big total in the 3rd innings but failed and did the same mistake they are making for a very long time. Pakistan England 1st test match was concluded in favor of England just because of batting failure of Pak in the 3rd innings and also very importantly poor captaincy by Azhar Ali.

Sensible batting from Pakistan was needed by just playing one and two sessions because they had already got 100 runs lead which is a huge lead. Pakistan had a chance of their life but all of their star batsmen failed to perform again.

After this loss their is anger in Pakistani fans because after taking 100 runs lead, who can you lose the match? But of late Pakistan tricks in test cricket are build around uncertainty. They play good cricket two days and bad for three straight days.

If you want to beat bigger standard teams than you had to play high-quality cricket but unfortunately Pakistan isn’t doing that. We clearly see the poor tactics and tricks by them in Pakistan England 1st test match.

First two days of 1st test which was considerably difficult days for Pakistan because they only had practice sessions before the game while England was battle-hardened and won a test series against West-Indies recently. But Pakistan hanged the host by their super performance. While in the last two days Pakistan just completely lost the plot and it seems like they even don’t know how to play.

After getting 100 runs lead you only need basic batting and play 1-2 sessions. If Pakistan had done that then England was completely out of the match.

After a major failure in the 3rd innings, Pak still had a chance to win the 1st test because Eng had a good total of 277 to chase which is very difficult to chase especially in the 4th innings. Pakistani bowlers bowled well despite having the no swing in the start and take 5 wickets for 115 runs.

After this Pakistan only need to attack the English batsmen which unfortunately they didn’t. If they had attacked continuously than the result would be different.

Azhar Ali captaincy is not up to the mark, main test for his captaincy was pressure situations in which he failed badly. The only thing to do is be aggressive.

The main plan of England batsmen Chris Woakes and Jos Butler was to play stokes and force Pakistan to open the field in which they succeed. If Pakistan just keeps on attacking them than there was no chance England would have chased this target.

Pakistan has lost a golden opportunity to win the first match of the England tour and the test series as well.

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